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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: ApacheCon schedule status
Date Fri, 14 Feb 2014 14:24:48 GMT
Thank you all for your extremely helpful feedback so far. I would very 
much like to put this to bed by close of business today so that we can, 
as promised, send out speaker notifications on Monday.

If anyone has any contacts in the CXF community, please yell at them and 
tell them that I need to speak with them urgently. Meanwhile, I'm off to 
look through PMC rosters.


On 02/13/2014 09:34 PM, Rich Bowen wrote:
> I've got a mostly-done tentative schedule, and I need lots of people 
> to look at it.
> is all of the talks, broken into categories
> is the proposed schedule
> I'm waiting for feedback from the Hadoop/Bigdata folks, and from the 
> Science folks, so those tracks are marked in grey as full, but I don't 
> have actual content there.
> I also have the 9th track on day 3 empty, and I don't have any 
> fallback talks picked out.
> So, what I still need:
> * Look over the whole schedule and see that it hangs together
> * Compare the talks listed in the ALL TRACKS tab with everything else, 
> ensuring that there aren't talks that have been omitted from 
> consideration.
> * Ensure that we don't have folks speaking twice at the same time
> * Ensure that the *ordering* in the individual tracks makes sense
> * Ensure that there's not obvious irreconcilable conflict between 
> concurrent talks. (ie, everyone is going to want to go to both.)
> * Anything else that I've overlooked in this process.
> Thank you all so much for your assistance so far. Almost every track 
> has had extensive help from *someone* in putting it together.
> Notes:
> * All "lightning talks" and "BoF" submissions are marked rejected 
> because they're not scheduled at this point in the process. We'll do 
> that next after we publish this schedule
> * If you have comments, please reply to this email. If you make 
> comments in the spreadsheet they'll likely get lost in the noise
> * If you want to edit a track directly in the schedule spreadsheet, 
> just ask, and I'll add you to the access list
> * The second URL - - is redirecting to a 
> different location than it was yesterday, so make sure you're looking 
> at the version that has all three days full of content, not the one 
> that's mostly empty.

Rich Bowen - - @rbowen - @apachecon

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