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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: please I would like to contact a real person for Open Office Writer project
Date Mon, 27 Jan 2014 08:50:13 GMT
Arnaldo Carbone wrote:
> Hi there; it is so difficult to contact you! everytime I tryed to do it, I
> had an automatic failure message back! please contact me!

Arnaldo, you should be a little clearer. I received a message from you 
at progetto-it-owner AT (a mailing list in 
Italian) with the subject "please contact me" and no text. How could I 
know what to do with that?

Others have already described to you the main channels:
- for generic requests in English
- (the correct version of the one you 
were trying) for user support in Italian
- for user support in several languages.

In any case, just describe the problem you are having and we'll help you.


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