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From Nikash SINGH <>
Subject Re: Volunteer design work for Apache Software Foundation....
Date Fri, 17 Jan 2014 04:26:50 GMT
Hi Melissa, Rich and Sebbaz,

And HULLO to the dev@community list!
(I've been subscribed for some time, but waiting my turn, Rich and 
Melissa suggested moving this discussion here)

I've prepared some early graphics for the conference (and hopefully it 
is flexible enough to accommodate many conferences to come).
Rather than attach them as I've previously done, I've uploaded them here;

Since the location has been decided, I'll go ahead and update the text 
in the tag to read Denver?
The graphic is vector so it will scale well, I think it'd make a nice 
white shirt too =)
(and though the idea of wearing a shirt with a lanyard while wearing a 
lanyard seems silly, it would make plenty of sense when worn after the 
conference =).


On 17/01/14 4:02 AM, Melissa Warnkin wrote:
> Hey Rich,
> Following up on that ApacheCon Denver has been announced, we should bump
this up a bit in priority since the pages are still reflecting ACNA 2013 Portland.
> ~M
> ________________________________
>   From: Rich Bowen <>
> To: Nikash SINGH <>; Melissa Warnkin <>
> Cc: "" <>; Melissa Warnkin <>
> Sent: Monday, December 16, 2013 12:50 PM
> Subject: Re: Volunteer design work for Apache Software Foundation....
> I think it might be best if you took this conversation to the list
 Nobody currently on this thread is a designer, and I think the wider audience might be better
able to answer your queries.
> --Rich
> On 12/15/2013 01:45 AM, Nikash SINGH wrote:
> Hi all,
> And here is the proposal of how the project site landing-page
>          could look. Mostly, this is achievable with a CSS-file-change
>          and a couple of swapped images because I'm not majorly altering
>          the layout, but the new sections below the introductory
>          paragraph would require this content to be added. I can carve up
>          the images into usable sizes within the columns and even write
>          up the HTML that would need to be pasted into the page. I think
>          it would add a friendlier touch to a page many potential
>          contributors see! What do you think?
> -Nik
> On 8/12/13 1:49 PM, Nikash SINGH wrote:
> Hi Melissa, Rich (and ...Sebastien?)
> On 21/11/13 7:59 AM, Melissa Warnkin wrote:
> Hi Nik,
>> Thank you for your email, and I apologize for not getting
>              back to your last email.
>> I will defer this technical issue to Rich for his opinion.
>              I apologize, in advance, for Rich; he is extremely busy on
>              other tasks, so his reply might take a little time.
>> Rest assured, however, this is not a time-critical issue -
>              just a cosmetic change that we really need to fix!!
>> We appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to undergo
>              this project - thank you so much!!
>> ~Melissa
> *Email backlog snipped*
> I've attached 2 graphics (in large and small sizes) that might
>          serve as placeholder conference images.
> The first is a nametag-lanyard (like most conferences offer
>          their guests) with a group of feathers (metaphorical Apache
>          contributors) rounded up together. If that is too cheesy, I've
>          included just the lanyard as well.
> Tell me what you think, if you're keen on this idea I'll send
>          you the vector file which I've grouped so that the nametag can
>          be easily updated with new text (my working files are always
>          embarrassingly messy so they require "clean up" before I can
>          send them out without shame).
> Also, I noticed the projects site ( is a self-contained "branch"
of the Apache online presence.
> What do you think about my earlier proposal of me fixing up tiny
>          details (like font-choice, spacing and reintroducing the Apache
>          colours to the pages) through CSS and very limited content
>          changes to improve the look of these pages? For example, the
>          inclusion of icons on the landing page to give users an
>          immediate indication that the projects are navigable
>          alphabetically, categorically etc.
> I'll attach an image showing what I mean in the next couple of
>          days.
> -Nik

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