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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: Content Committee, ApacheCon 2014
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2013 14:26:11 GMT
To answer a few questions I've received off-list:

As we don't have a signed contract yet, I can't officially announce 
anything, but, unofficially things are much as I announced earlier - 
April 7-11th, and the venue is Denver, Colorado. (Schedule and 
availability has made venue selection difficult - we'll have more 
options next year.)

Once again, please understand that we, the ASF, are *ONLY* responsible 
for content. Everything else will be handled by the producer. Everything.

So while I really appreciate all of the folks stepping up to volunteer 
for other stuff, I won't have anything to give you to do, unless you 
want to persuade your employer to throw money at us. Or persuading 
interesting people to submit interesting talk proposals. Or if you want 
to plan an extracurricular event - in which case you'd need to 
coordinate with the producer, and not with me.

I'm concerned that by the end of this I'm going to come across as an 
obstructionist, "I don't want your help", unkind person. However, a 
MAJOR goal of this conference is to be as hands-off as possible. The 
producer owns this conference. They will have permission to use our 
trademarks, and a few of us will agree to help them select content. 
That's it.

I have no desire to squelch volunteer passion - something that is 
usually so hard to come by - this time it's all about the content, and 
hopefully we're talking about a very short period of time after the CFP 

Rich Bowen

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