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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: Content Committee, ApacheCon 2014
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2013 14:24:21 GMT

On 12/13/2013 05:18 AM, Lewis John Mcgibbney wrote:
> Hey Rich,
> Is there any timescale on when the input is required?
> I am interested in getting involved in reviewing content again but 
> until I see or have an idea of the content I don't know which PMC I 
> would volunteer to represent.
> Is there somewhere else that this conversation can continue other than 
> pmcs@?
> Thanks very much

The conversation should happen here on dev@community

The initial email to PMCs@ was to get some folks to sign up for content 
selection process. As mentioned elsewhere, please don't reply-all, or cc 
PMCs@ in replies - I should have bcc'ed PMCs to begin with. Mea Culpa.

The timeline is ... soon.

I expect that once we have a contract signed (within the next two weeks, 
I sincerely hope), we'll have a CFP out very soon, and then it'll run 
through January. Once the CFP closes, I expect there would be a brief 
(couple weeks?) period in which the talks would be voted and selected, 
and that's the window in which we'd need content-expert help.

Again, these are guesses, because the producer will own this process, 
and the schedule, once the contract is signed.

Rich Bowen

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