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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: Event-in-a-Box
Date Thu, 31 Oct 2013 14:47:10 GMT

On 10/31/2013 04:06 AM, Ulrich Stärk wrote:
> One remark of the administrative kind: Have you thought about customs and VAT? At least
for Germany
> the box contents exceed the amount that may be freely imported if sent from the US. Similar
> for all other countries.

It may be useful to have N of these boxes, located in strategic places 
around the world within easy shipping distance, with N growing over time 
as we see demand in different parts of the world.


> Uli
> On 2013-10-30 18:13, Melissa Warnkin wrote:
>> Thank you all for your feedback.  I have collated all of the feedback and provide
you with a revised
>> list (attached).  Please keep in mind that this is strictly the physical box contents;
>> you might not see all of your suggestions listed.  For other suggestions not related
to the physical
>> box, I have incorporated those for inclusion in the "how-to" document.
>> The "minimal list" was kind of difficult, as the feedback varied greatly.  As such,
I have provided
>> two options for the minimal box:  Option #1 is the absolute bare minimum, while option
#2 has more
>> in it than #1 but less than the "Maximum" box (not by much though!).
>> Please take a moment to review and provide your input on the revised lists.
>> Thank you so much!!
>> ~M
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> *From:* Ross Gardler <>
>> *To:*
>> *Sent:* Friday, October 4, 2013 11:52 AM
>> *Subject:* Re: Event-in-a-Box
>> Great feedback folks.
>> Couple of items to add to the list:
>>    - pack of various display port adaptors
>>    - Travel converters (to address Isabel's observation regarding different
>> power requirements)
>> Remember that the goal here is to have a single kit that can be sent from
>> event to event with minimal effort. So the fact that an item needed for
>> event type Foo but not Bar should still be included. Having said that, it
>> might be a good idea to have two boxes - the minimal box with the
>> essentials and the maximum box with everything else and space for the
>> minimal. This way we can avoid needlessly shipping unwanted stuff.
>> Isabel - you make a really good point with respect to "clever shortcuts". I
>> hope that you (and others) can bring your valuable experience to bear and
>> help make sure those clever shortcuts get into the kit. I suggest we wait
>> for Melissa to write the first draft then we weigh in with a "helpful
>> hints" section.
>> Thanks,
>> Ross
>> Ross Gardler (@rgardler)
>> Senior Technology Evangelist
>> Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.
>> A subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation
>> On 4 October 2013 02:20, Isabel Drost-Fromm < <>>
>>> On Thursday, October 03, 2013 04:17:33 PM Melissa Warnkin wrote:
>>>> Physical
>>>> Content List:
>>>> [...]
>>>>       * Extension cords….how many and what length????
>>> Keep in mind that depending on where the event takes place it might be
>>> easier
>>> to buy the local ones locally.
>>>> Please keep in mind that this is an initial draft, and not a
>>> comprehensive
>>>> and/or guaranteed list!! I welcome feedback from your past experiences
>>> from
>>>> the events that you have coordinated!! Is there anything that I missed,
>>> or
>>>> anything on the list above that was not needed??!!
>>>  From my personal experience: For anything that is not a Barcamp, the stuff
>>> for
>>> the scheduling grid is not needed.
>>> Concerning WiFi Routers: That may be an advantage of being in Berlin: I
>>> never
>>> bothered to set up a separate WiFi for the smaller events but rather went
>>> for
>>> locations that provided open access points - co-working spaces usually work
>>> well, universities in Germany not so much. With 3G everywhere the need for
>>> WiFi at local events is not quite so urgent anymore except for hacking
>>> events.
>>> When making an Apache related event, I generally find it convenient to have
>>> stickers/buttons to give away - people keep asking me where I got the
>>> stickers
>>> on my laptop from. Potentially add flyers to give to people (basic
>>> information
>>> on the ASF, upcoming events, whatever we want to promote). Depending on
>>> where
>>> the event takes place, getting such flyers printed might be less trouble
>>> when
>>> done locally.
>>>> I welcome feedback based on your past experiences that you think will
>>> help
>>>> others in the future with their events!!
>>> Tell them lots about the positive feedback they will get - don't tell them
>>> too
>>> much about the time it *might* take to setup: a) With some clever shortcuts
>>> the effort needed can be reduced substantially and b) In general the
>>> positive
>>> feedback you get weighs much more than any time put into the event ;)
>>> Isabel

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