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From Isabel Drost-Fromm <>
Subject Re: Event-in-a-Box
Date Fri, 04 Oct 2013 09:20:58 GMT
On Thursday, October 03, 2013 04:17:33 PM Melissa Warnkin wrote:
> Physical
> Content List:
> [...]
> 	* Extension cords….how many and what length????

Keep in mind that depending on where the event takes place it might be easier 
to buy the local ones locally.

> Please keep in mind that this is an initial draft, and not a comprehensive
> and/or guaranteed list!! I welcome feedback from your past experiences from
> the events that you have coordinated!! Is there anything that I missed, or
> anything on the list above that was not needed??!!

>From my personal experience: For anything that is not a Barcamp, the stuff for 
the scheduling grid is not needed.

Concerning WiFi Routers: That may be an advantage of being in Berlin: I never 
bothered to set up a separate WiFi for the smaller events but rather went for 
locations that provided open access points - co-working spaces usually work 
well, universities in Germany not so much. With 3G everywhere the need for 
WiFi at local events is not quite so urgent anymore except for hacking events.

When making an Apache related event, I generally find it convenient to have 
stickers/buttons to give away - people keep asking me where I got the stickers 
on my laptop from. Potentially add flyers to give to people (basic information 
on the ASF, upcoming events, whatever we want to promote). Depending on where 
the event takes place, getting such flyers printed might be less trouble when 
done locally.

> I welcome feedback based on your past experiences that you think will help
> others in the future with their events!!

Tell them lots about the positive feedback they will get - don't tell them too 
much about the time it *might* take to setup: a) With some clever shortcuts 
the effort needed can be reduced substantially and b) In general the positive 
feedback you get weighs much more than any time put into the event ;)


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