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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject ApacheCon North America, and other events
Date Fri, 20 Sep 2013 17:46:48 GMT
For those of you who have asked what the plan is going forward, now that 
there's no ConCom, I have some news, which I presume some of you have 
already heard from one source or another.

Via a large number of conversations with different producers, and a 
desire to see a conference happen in 2014, we (Definition: "We" = the 
President, Executive Vice President, and the Executive Assistant) are in 
talks with the Linux Foundation, producers of the LinuxCon family of 
events, to provide us with a proposal for ApacheCon North America in the 
first half of 2014, with the possibility of also doing a Europe event in 
the latter half of 2014.

We have an initial back-of-napkin proposal, to which we have provided 
some initial feedback, and are working on a more formal proposal in the 
coming 60 days. I spoke with a Foundation representative earlier this 
week at LinuxCon New Orleans, and expect to have a followup conversation 
with her in Edinburgh next month at the Europe LinuxCon.

There are numerous reasons that we are choosing to go this way - reasons 
that have been discussed in great detail on various mailing lists over 
the last ten years. We feel that this is the direction that will best 
satisfy the largest percentage of our community.

We will continue to update this mailing list as plans proceed, but we're 
letting you know the plan so far because, well, people talk, and I've 
already been getting some "I heard that ..." queries from people both 
inside and outside the ASF.

Rest assured that there will be plenty of work for everyone who wants to 
be involved, once things have progressed a little further.

I'm parallel, we're working on the "Event in a box" concept, to support 
PMCs who want to do events outside of ApacheCon, to either assist in the 
production of those events, where desired, or to more efficiently get 
out of your way when you don't want any help. If you have done events in 
the past, and the Foundation could have either helped you more, or 
gotten in your way less, we would love to hear from you as that program 

Rich Bowen

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