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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: PRIORITY: ConCom/Events --anyone home?
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2013 14:01:26 GMT
ConCom is no more, and, as you say, this leaves something of a vacuum. 
ComDev ( is where these requests should 
probably be going - it would seem to make sense to redirect some of 
these dead email addresses there so that we're not just turning a deaf 
ear to these requests.

Conferences/Event is now a President function, and so stuff that isn't 
getting handled should be escalated to Ross (and me, I reckon) if it's 
not getting handled.

If I can help with the particular request (with my EVP hat on) please 
let me know, and I'll do what I can to make it happen. It's critical 
that we don't simply drop these communications, and it's not fair to 
dump them all on you. As you say, we've lost the single point of contact 
for such things, although ComDev is the most logical place to send them.

I've cc'ed comdev in case someone there disagrees with me on this, but 
I'm glad to be the "one throat to choke" if such is needed. I'd rather 
have swift responses to these kinds of queries, and that's something 
that we've gotten pretty bad at.

On 09/06/2013 09:10 AM, Sally Khudairi wrote:
> Hello ConCom team --please take this as constructive, as intended.
> I am writing with a bit of frustration as I'm regularly receiving pleas for help from
members of our extended community who are seeking advice and/or signoff on events that pertain
to ASF projects.
> Most of this comes to be via email sent directly to me. In July I spent a significant
amount of time on the phone (at 2AM, no less) working with a marketer to explain our process,
and how to get things done (as a non-technologist) in a way that's different from how most
corporates operate, but is in alignment with The Apache Way.
> This morning I received a desperate email asking for my help because there seems to be
nobody responding to their event-related queries.
> Not long ago, I sent an email to both concom@ as well as events@ (which is what I had
understood this group was evolving towards), but the email sent to events@ had bounced.
> I also recall discussions of incorporation into ComDev in some form, but am unclear on
what has happened and/or how do we move forward.
> I know that some queries have been forwarded to Trademarks/Brand Management for clearance.
> But there doesn't appear to be some central decision-making group involved with ASF events
(as well as those that support Apache initiatives).
> I may be misinterpreting this, but it seems that we have nobody home at ConCom.
> In fact, ConCom (or some derivative) doesn't even appear on the Foundation Projects page --it's as if it had just disappeared.
> This is unfortunate. I don't know where or whom to send folks to.
> I can't tell if ConCom is alive, on hiatus, in a coma, or just dead.
> This list appears dead. I'm OK with that, but the work pertaining to these activities
is ongoing --and continues to grow. This needs to be addressed somewhere, by someone, somehow.
> Thanks so much in advance for your insight and advice. I know the folks who have been
contacting me would appreciate it as well.
> -Sally

Rich Bowen

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