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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject Re: Setup & development software for Macs?
Date Thu, 27 Jun 2013 09:40:25 GMT
On 27 June 2013 03:20, Shane Curcuru <> wrote:
> I just switched to a Mac for much of my stuff, and am wondering how other
> committers organize their Macs and what kind of software they use.

Install xcode and the commandline tools that come with it (look in

I use homebrew in preference to macports.

apple's term is good, but I like better.

> In particular, what's the best GUI-ish SVN clients? is free if you give atlassian an email address.

> Your favorite basic text editors?  I don't need a big IDE, just simple
> markdown/python/ruby, and occasional web page editing. is a super-simple markdown editor that imho gets
things right.

bikesheds galore :-). I spend 80% of my day in komodo ide (but the
free komodo edit is very nice too), 20% vi, occasionally sublime text,
but I never really liked it. Aquamacs is nice for people who drank the

> Also, a silly question, I know, but if I have my work on SSD, is there any
> reason that I should *not* configure FileVault?  It seems like a no brainer
> for any laptop.  Similarly, any reason to turn off the built-in Firewall?

Other stuff I use:

## passwords  there are fancier tools but it's opensource

## communicating

skype but I would love a SIP-based OSS alternative

IRC: textual  is nice, BSD licenced,
but you can buy a built copy from app store. is another popular option.

## apps

vlc for watching videos.

firefox nightly + chrome canary for web dev.

If you sign up for the free microsoft MSDN deal that ASF gets, you can
install excel/word/powerpoint etc if you need them.

Amazon's free for reading books (lots of gutenberg project
ones & similar free stories in mobi format)
calibre for managing all my ebooks (on an
aging Kindle DX). turns browser windows into separate "apps"

vmware fusion + vagrant & ansible for spinning up instances everywhere
and configuring them.

## storage

MacZFS is pretty good, albeit an old
version. once I got past 4GiB of RAM I've had no trouble. SSD with zfs
compression is nifty, I have it on a 2nd internal drive.

I use openafs instead of dropbox.

backup: arq I used backblaze and
time machine for backups, but I prefer controlling my own storage.

github & bitbucket for really important stuff.

## productivity

launchers -
      others swear by quicksilver, the latter is
free and ALv2 licenced.

pomodoro app is great, BSD licenced
but you can buy from app store is a more
GTD-heavy app, with a free option.


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