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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Future of ApacheCon and Apache Events
Date Sun, 19 May 2013 22:22:26 GMT
On 26th April I posted a mail on behalf of the board to this list with
the subject "Future of VP ConCom Role". This mail outlined the action
the board intended to take in the May board meeting with respect to
ConCom. The proposal was to use paid contractors (VP Marketing and
Executive Assistant) to further develop the ApacheCon model Nick built
for ACNA.The mail also invited feedback from all involved. No feedback
was received from ConCom. VP Marketing (Sally) and VP ComDev (Luciano)
both raised some issues which were discussed by the board in the last
board meeting.

In that meeting the Board agreed that the role of VP ConCom had an
overly broad scope which makes it unreasonable to expect volunteers to
fulfil the role. Since there were no objections to this proposal the
Board passed a resolution to terminate the role of VP ConCom along
with the associated officers committer (ConCom).

So where does that leave members of ConCom who still want to be
involved with events?

With respect to the next ApacheCon this is now being handled by
Melissa (our EA). To date there has been no progress on engaging a
producer for the next ApacheCon (the plan was to wait for the ACNA12
financials to be submitted). The OpenBastion have now been asked to
provide a contract for this work. Melissa will engage with the
community once our responsibilities to the producer are clear.

Small events, as discussed in the April email, is the area that ConCom
has yet to figure out how to support. It's not that small events have
not happened, they have, but for the most part they have been
organised by project communities not by ConCom. For this reason it is
not expected that small events will be negatively impacted by this
change (trademark policies will be enforced by the respective PMCs,
with support from VP Brand Management where necessary).

In the April email the board also suggested that ConCom members
wishing to continue to support events, both large and small, should
join ComDev. ConCom members are therefore invited to subscribe to the
ComDev list (


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