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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Surveying Apache TLPs
Date Sat, 18 May 2013 19:20:05 GMT
Noah Slater wrote:
> I've been talking a lot about what "committer" means recently. As a person
> with a vote on the project, do we award this position to people who
> contribute code, or people who we trust? And are there instances where we
> trust someone with a vote (i.e. they've shown merit, sustained
> contributions, etc), even though they do not (and are not likely to)
> contribute code?

In the OpenOffice case we tend to give committer privileges to regular 
contributors, even if they don't strictly need SVN access. Many of our 
committers and several of our PMC members (they are two different 
groups) never contributed code.

> So, the next questions are:
>   1. What sorts of stuff are we interested in finding out?
>   2. What's the best way to conduct surveys?

I would prefer option b (web survey, then published results) but you 
will get an answer in any case.


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