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From Ulrich Stärk <>
Subject Re: Google Summer of Code 2013
Date Fri, 22 Mar 2013 23:51:45 GMT
Hi Branko,

unfortunately I cannot include these ideas in our list. You will have to enter them in the
JIRA project at [1], as stated in my original email. Once they are in JIRA, they will show
automatically in our ideas list if labelled correctly.

You can see [2]-[4] for examples. The Apache OpenOffice project is also using a different




On 22.03.2013 20:06, Branko Čibej wrote:
> Hi Uli,
> The Bloodhound PMC missed this message as the podling just graduated and
> the mailing lists haven't been updated yet. BH doesn't use Jira, of
> course (that'd be somewhat strange), but we started listing tasks that
> would be suitable for GSoC here:
> Please add them to the list you're compiling.
> Thanks!
> -- Brane
> On 22.03.2013 10:01, Ulrich Stärk wrote:
>> Dear PMCs,
>> I'm going to submit our application to Google this weekend but our ideas list only
shows 34 ideas
>> until now. That's a shame considering that we have over a hundred projects and were
able to offer
>> potential students 142 project ideas to choose from last year and it might also hinder
our chances
>> of being accepted.
>> Remember, GSoC is a great way to attract fresh blood to your projects and to get
work done that
>> might otherwise go undone. It is in your own interest to participate.
>> Incubator mentors, please also talk to your respective podlings.
>> If there is anything keeping you from participating, or anything that needs clarification,
>> hesitate to contact the community development project at
or, if you want to
>> keep the discussion private,
>> Cheers,
>> Uli
>> On 05.03.2013 16:26, Ulrich Stärk wrote:
>>> Hello PMCs,
>>> Google Summer of Code [1] is the ideal opportunity for you to attract new contributors
to your projects.
>>> The ASF will apply as a participating organization meaning individual projects
don't have to apply
>>> separately.
>>> If you want to participate with your project you NOW need to
>>> - understand what it means to be a mentor [2].
>>> - record your project ideas. Just create issues in JIRA, label them with gsoc2013,
and they will
>>> show up at [3]. Please be as specific as possible when describing your idea.
Include the programming
>>> language, the tools and skills required, but try not to scare potential students
away. They are
>>> supposed to learn what's required before the program starts. Use labels, e.g.
for the programming
>>> language (java, c, c++, erlang, python, brainfuck, ...) or technology area (cloud,
xml, web, foo,
>>> bar, ...) and record them at [5]. Please use the COMDEV JIRA project for recording
your ideas if
>>> your project doesn't use JIRA (e.g. httpd, ooo). Contact
if you need
>>> assistance.
>>> - subscribe to (restricted to potential mentors, meant
to be used as a
>>> private list - general discussions on the public list
as much as possible
>>> please). Use a recognized address when subscribing ( or one of your
alias addresses on
>>> record).
>>> Note that the ASF isn't accepted yet, nevertheless you *really* should start
recording your ideas now.
>>> Over the years we were able to complete hundreds of projects successfully. Some
of our prior
>>> students are active contributors now! Let's make this a success again this year!
>>> Uli
>>> P.S.: Except for the private parts (label spreadsheet mostly), this email is
free to be shared
>>> publicly if you want to.
>>> [1]
>>> [2]
>>> [3]
>>> [4]
>>> [5]

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