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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject GSoC 2013: non-code projects on website, branding?
Date Sat, 02 Mar 2013 18:37:58 GMT
Quick sanity check: would it be worthwhile to explore having a non-code 
project?  We often decry the lack of understandable or organized 
technical documentation, especially on the site.  Similarly, 
we could do a much better job simply clearly describing things for 
branding, making fundraising look a little prettier, having an easier to 
navigate events area, etc.

Should I try to find enough discrete tasks  here to submit a 
documentation-type GSoC idea?  Or is that not likely to find any 
students / going to be too much work to pull together?

I love the idea of offering a non-heavy-code project, and I will have a 
little spare time over the summer (when I'm taking a 12 week leave of 
absence from $dayjob).

Ideas? Anyone want to help?

- Shane

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