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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject Re: Video recording at ApacheCon EU
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2012 17:13:16 GMT
Peanut gallery;
I think there is a lot value in recording events like this. 500 people
visit, at the most 1/6 of the conference. 500,000 people can watch all
of it at their leisure later. I would.
But HD seems like overkill, and I also see the cost as steep. Perhaps
some double-checks with InfoQ and/or other conference organizers?

Also, check with our Platinum sponsors if they think whether this is
good use of money, compared to other use of the money...


On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 1:03 AM, Greg Stein <> wrote:
> The budget may be available, but are the videos actually worth that
> value? "Just because we have budget, doesn't mean we have to spend
> it."
> Geez. 15k euros is a LOT of money.
> Opportunity cost... some new hardware? Maybe another part-time infra admin?
> The question of "can we get these recorded?" was put out there, sure.
> But just a question, rather than "spend whatever it takes to get the
> video". At 15k, it seems rather extravagant to me. Seems we can put
> that amount of cash to other/better uses.
> As a Director, I'm -1 on this expense. Just one vote of many, but
> that's my thinking. I don't see the value.
> Cheers,
> -g
> On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 9:20 AM, Ross Gardler
> <> wrote:
>> In the last board meeting I was asked if we could re-instate the plan to record all
sessions at ACEU now that it looked to be in good financial health.
>> Paul has kindly got a quote for us from the arena and they will do us HD video of
all 6 tracks for circa €15000 (exc. VAT). We can afford this in the current budget projects
since Nick and co have managed to sell the conference out (well done folks). Furthermore the
ASF money we earmarked is currently unspent. I have asked Nick, as conference chair, to approve
this and have indicated that I will take responsibility for it in the unlikely event that
we need to dip into ASF funds to pay for it (on the assumption that the board are still comfortable
with the budget approved for ConCom).
>> I also indicated that the ComDev PMC will take responsibility for use of the video
after the event. This is *just* recording the video and audio. There is no post-production
work included in this price. My current thinking is that we will simply make the video available
to the appropriate PMCs and they can do whatever post-processing they want to do. It is possible
that the ComDev PMC will do some limited post-production but I'm not going to commit to that
right now since that would be a voluntary effort.
>> Nick has not yet given his approval so there is still time to ask us to slow down
on this, but not much since the event is next week. Contracts will be changing hands with
NewThinking soon.
>> Ross
>> Ross Gardler (@rgardler)
>> OpenDirective

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