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From Luciano Resende <>
Subject Re: Some clarification needed for Apache Extra projects - Apache Extra in specific
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2012 17:24:03 GMT
I'm replying to the original message as this thread seems to be taking
a different direction.

Based on the Apache Extras guidelines snippet below:

Projects hosted on Apache Extras are not considered official Apache
Software Foundation projects and they are also not associated, allied,
or otherwise organizationally related to The Apache Software
Foundation. Therefore, we require project owners to respect the Apache
Software Foundation trademark policy by clearly indicating that your
Apache Extras project name is not an official project of the Apache
Software Foundation. In general, projects hosted on Apache Extras must
not portray themselves as official Apache Software Foundation
projects. Clarification on these rules should be sought from the
Apache Project Committees related to your Apache Extras project, or to
the Apache Community Development Committee in general.

Apache Extras projects are like external projects, with possible
license aggravates. In general, I'd say that, if the project is hosted
in Apache Extras because it's not compatible with AL2 (or for some
other reason), the related Apache project can point/link to the
external project (e.g. BTW, here are a list of external projects
related to Apache Camel <link>), but should not actually host code,
defects, etc related to these external projects.

Now, see inline comments related to the specific questions :

On Wed, Sep 26, 2012 at 2:06 PM, Christian Müller
<> wrote:
> Hello!
> A few day ago, I started a thread [1], mainly because we wanted to forward
> our Camel Extra [2] commit and issue notifications to our regular Camel
> mailing list. We had some issues with this and asked INFRA for help. Now we
> realized, there are different understandings what we can do (allowed to do)
> and what not. I didn't found an answer at [3] or [4]. I want clarification
> about the following question:
> - Is it inline with the Apache policy to forward commit notifications from
> Apache Extra projects to the regular Apache project mailing list (INFRA
> managed)?

Apache Extras projects are external to Apache and should be treated as
so. Having non AL2 compatible code snippets being mixed together with
Apache project commits can and will cause confusion to people
searching the commit archives.

> - Is it inline with the Apache policy to forward issue notifications from
> Apache Extra issue tracker (Google code) to the regular Apache project
> mailing list (INFRA managed)?

See above.

> - Is it inline with the Apache policy to direct users from Apache Extra to
> raise issues at the regular Apache issue tracker (JIRA)?

Yes, if indeed there is a bug in the core Apache Project.

> - Is it inline with the Apache policy to host content on Apache Confluence
> which covers Apache Extra artifacts  (e.g.

The Apache Guidelines mention

Each Apache Extras project is encouraged to publish their releases and
complete the project tagging information available on Apache Extras.

Which to me translates in each Apache Extras projects being
responsible for their own releases, documentation, etc. and an Apache
project would point to "other extensions" available in ... and link to
the Apache Extras release and documentation page. Which would clearly
identify the official disassociation and any possible confusion of an
Apache Extra project being an Apache project.

I'd also mention that the Apache Extras projects should not use packages, but package.

> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> Thanks in advance,
> Christian
> --

Luciano Resende

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