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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Website update ideas
Date Fri, 18 May 2012 12:17:27 GMT
(moved to

On 18 May 2012 02:02, Shane Curcuru <> wrote:
> Is there anyone tied to the style or layout here that I might offend? 8-)

I doubt it. The reality is that it was thrown together that way for
lack of people to improve it.

> - Broader and more explanatory/welcoming intro section

As long as the word count is kept low. Far too many ASF pages are
wordy and it's hard to get to what you need.

> - Each of newcomer/contributor/committer sections has brief description,
> then a handful of specifically named links to the sub-page (anchors about
> tech/community/other info, etc.)

I've always liked the three boxes next to one another as an entry point, e.g.

> - Beef up History section to include public records (all board reports, the
> original resolution), plus links to the /foundation/governance and the
> /history pages on the a.o site

This would be good, there is some great stuff scattered around.
However, I wouldn't want this to have equal billing to people entry
points. I'd think of this as more of a resources for press.

> - Better and more frequent mention of this mailing list and other mailing
> lists.  We need to make it really easy to draw people into the appropriate
> list(s) so they can start the conversation.


> - Shane, hoping to improve here soon


> Stretch goal is adding simple table, with direct links to key how-it-works,
> etc. pages for top concepts people might search for: Get the code, Download
> software, Report bugs, etc. - probably with columns for "geeks" and
> "newcomers" (the geek ones go directly to svn.a.o or similar; the newcomer
> versions go to explanatory pages under /dev, etc.)

Lets keep it simple for now. I do think we can provide easy access but
don't want us to go in ten directions at once. The goal here is to be
a signpost, not a directory.


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