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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Website improvement ideas
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2011 16:19:55 GMT
[PROPOSAL] I plan to create community.a.o/governance with:

/index: brief overview for new readers, and link to the subpages.  I was 
thinking of having two lists linked to the subpages: one by 
organizational hierarchy (the board is on top), one by importance (the 
PMCs are on top).

/membership  (writing now)
/committers (tbd)
/contributors (tbd)
/users (tbd, wondering if we should write this one to show that users 
don't directly participate in governance, other than that most healthy 
projects will pay attention to user needs)

/orgchart - we really need one.  Shows the board at the top left, then 
three columns:
- Operations: prez reports solid line to board and prez directs VP, 
Infra to keep machines going

- Strategy: various other officers solid line report to the board directly

- Projects: two chunks of things:
-- Meta projects: attic, conferences, community, etc.
-- Code projects: example listing httpd, Hadoop, Lucene, etc.

Projects all *dotted* line report to the board for oversight.  Emphasize 
how the ASF is about supporting projects.

Update the homepage to provide a quick table of contents in terms of 
concepts (additionally to the way we provide contents for "who are you?" 
of newcomers/committers/etc.)

- Intro paragraphs
- How can we help?  If you're new/committer/contributor/etc
- What do you want to learn? See governance, technical how-tos, etc.
- About the comdev project
- How to ask questions! (explicitly explain mailing lists to draw people 
towards them)

- Shane

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