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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Apache Extras Question
Date Thu, 29 Dec 2011 20:42:28 GMT
It is an interesting idea that the domain be usable this way.  There is no
mapping to projects directly (it being a mapping into instead).

Nevertheless, if the project label is "mylabel" then org.apache_extras.mylabel.* would work
as a technical solution.  (The mapping of "-" to "_" is part of the Java specification.)

 - Dennis

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From: Mark Struberg [] 
Sent: Thursday, December 29, 2011 12:24
Subject: Re: Apache Extras Question

> If you are saying this is compatible with ALv2 ? Then why use Apache
> Extras instead of just the oodt SVN official repo in Apache ?

But that's exactly the point! It is NOT ALv2 because it seems that Chris' project compiles
against GPL sources and thus also must be GPL licensed.

Would it be possible to have it under the package org.apacheextras ?
If we don't even allow that, then we can just close down - because then there
is no use for it imo.

Of course this all implies that apacheextras will make a prominent mentioning that apacheextras
!= ASF and apacheextras might not only contain ALv2 licensed sources but also others.


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> From: Luciano Resende <>
> To:
> Cc: 
> Sent: Thursday, December 29, 2011 9:13 PM
> Subject: Re: Apache Extras Question
> On Thu, Dec 29, 2011 at 11:31 AM, Mattmann, Chris A (388J)
> <> wrote:
>>  (removing community@ from the CC list; aren't we trying to kill that 
> thread?)
>>  Hi Ross,
>>  Thanks for replying. Comments below:
>>  On Dec 29, 2011, at 11:04 AM, Ross Gardler wrote:
>>  [...snip...]
>>>  >
>>>  > It's my understanding that anyone can start up a project at 
> Apache Extras,
>>>  > in which case, if that person doesn't have an availid here at 
> the ASF, and
>>>  > doesn't have an ICLA on file, then that's another 
> situation that I won't
>>>  > speculate on. What I'm much more interested in is in the 
> situation I presented
>>>  > within this thread. I have an availid. I am an ASF member. I was 
> looking
>>>  > at Apache Extras as a place to share some Apache OODT plugins that
>>>  > leverage code that is LGPL licensed, that I couldn't otherwise 
> share within
>>>  > the normal Apache OODT SVN home. Prior to me coming to Apache 
> Extras,
>>>  > this has been code housed in an internal JPL SVN repository for 
> years, even
>>>  > before we brought the software to Apache. I'd like to use 
> Apache Extras to
>>>  > facilitate sharing with an even broader community and to share the 
> plugins
>>>  > we've developed (which themselves are ALv2 licensed) with 
> others.
>>>  The ASF does not release code under any license other than the Apache 
> license,
>>  Who asked to release the code? I just want an SVN to throw the code up at.
>>  If you look at oodt-pushpull-plugins [1], the LICENSE.txt file is ALv2. The 
> code
>>  we wrote (in Java) is ALv2. The code includes a runtime Maven2 dependency
>>  on libraries that provide FTP protocol implementations (Ftp4Che [2] and 
> JvFtp [3])
>>  that are LGPL licensed.
> If you are saying this is compatible with ALv2 ? Then why use Apache
> Extras instead of just the oodt SVN official repo in Apache ?
> -- 
> Luciano Resende

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