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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Fwd: ASF Board Report for Nov 2011 is now due
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2011 22:34:45 GMT
We need to report again this month since the last one was so late. I
should have time to put it together this month. The template is
already in place at [1] with a few notes about what was "outstanding"
in the last report.

Feel free to enter any info directly into the document.



---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: ASF Board <>
Date: 11 November 2011 13:11
Subject: ASF Board Report for Nov 2011 is now due
To: Ross Gardler <>

This email was sent by an automated system on behalf of the
ASF Board.

According to board records, you are listed as the chair of at least one
committee that is due to submit a report this month. These reports are
now due and should be submitted to the board as soon as possible.

The meeting is scheduled for Wed, 16 November 2011, 10 am PST.

Full details about the process and schedule are in [1].

Your report should be sent in plain-text format to
with a Subject line that follows the below format:

           Subject: [REPORT] Project Name

Cutting and pasting directly from a Wiki is not acceptable due to formatting
issues. Line lengths should be limited to 77 characters. The content should
also be committed to the meeting agenda in the board directory in the
foundation repository.

The ASF Board

[1] -
[2] -


There are several templates for use for various Board resolutions.
They can be found in [2] and you are encouraged to use them. It is
strongly recommended that if you have a resolution before the board,
you are encouraged to attend that board meeting.

ASF Board Reports

Reports are due from you for the following committees:
        - Community Development

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