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From Igor Galić <>
Subject Re: Website improvement ideas
Date Thu, 24 Nov 2011 19:01:06 GMT

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> With my shiny new PMC hat (thanks!) I've started thinking about some
> useful organization and presentation for the community.a.o pages.
>  Shout
> if you have suggested changes, or if I should not do any of these
> things
> someday:
> - Update the top of the page to make the intro paras more engaging,

Right now the page might say

  "Welcome to the Community Development project site."

however, it *looks* anything but inviting :-/

> and
> better explain that this is a group of Apache folk trying to better
> explain the whys of the Apache Way, and providing guidance to
> newcomers;
> punch up the welcoming and "please ask us!" aspects.
> - Think about a second way to provide a table of contents to the
> site.
> I like the idea of newcomers/contributors/committers, but I think it
> would be really powerful to have a second TOC that talked about
> Organization, Technology, Community or similar.  Short descriptive
> lists
> that point to mostly the same info, but with a different bent.  Think
> of
> permuted indexes in old skool unix help.

I am trying to create something similar on the ATS website:
Different vectors for different groups of people:

(Right now it too looks a little uninviting - but I'm not any good
with CSS.. waiting for Zoë to come up with something..)
> - Add a section on Apache Governance, as a narrative description of
> the
> "why" of how we do things.  The details and normative descriptions of
> "how" will continue to live under /dev/ or similar places as they do
> now.
> Apache Governance will have the two existing essays (board, PMCs),
> plus
> the existing "PMCs are independent", and then I want to write a
> Members,
> Committers, and possibly Sponsors and Contributors pages as well.
>  (The
> sponsors page will primarily be about how we certainly need funding,
> but
> that funding is never tied to influence or specific projects - a
> critical lesson about ways that Apache is not governed that I think
> many
> folks misunderstand).
> - I'd like to add a Who We Are page to the community.a.o site.  While
> I
> one hand I appreciate the idea that we promote our communities, don't
> have @author tags, and the like, on the other hand for newcomers I
> often
> find that they sometimes are more willing to reach out or even just
> feel
> they could reach out to individuals instead of mailing lists.  Even


> if
> we don't list email addresses, I think listing who's a volunteer/PMC
> on
> the ComDev project would be a helpful way to put a face on this PMC.
> Heck, I think it'd actually be great to have a listing with photos
> and a
> short bio blurb, if we have consensus to add something like that.
> Other ideas depend on how Ross & Nick want to propose organizing
> ourselves going forward, in terms of the events/speakers/slides
> sections.
> - Shane


Igor Galić

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