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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject DRAFT boad report
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2011 09:30:39 GMT
Below is my draft board report, can people please look it over and
expand on any parts as appropriate. In particular we could do with
some numbers on GSoC.


GSoC went well overall, although there was one serious issue
regarding a mentor who was approved but is not a committer. This
situation was resolved in consultation with Google. We have proposed
modifications to the process to prevent this happening again.

FIXME: get these modifications documented in the website for next year

  * Students accepted: FIXME
  * Students who passed: FIXME

Events and Speakers

ComCom are using the ComDev web space to host an ASF events
calendar [1], this has yet to gain significant traction. Similarly the
"speaker" application is not being used by either ConCom or press@.
ComDev to work with both to figure out how best to promote use of
these resources.

There are still many requests for standard slide decks about the ASF.
We have collected a few slid-decks for reuse and intend to get these
onto the websire via the speakers section.


ComDev website is slowly growing to include very high level
information about how ASF communities work. Rather than duplicating
content held elsewhere on the a.o site we are seeking to provide a
minimum fuss entry point pointing towards the appropriate detail heavy

The arrival of OpenOffice prompted the production of a fair amount of
appropriate materials to help combat some of the initial confusion
over what an ASF project looks like.


Mentoring activity (other than GSoC) is almost on-existent, at least
when coordinated through ComDev. The EU project which was supposed to
be sending people our way is currently evaluating why students did not
come to us (report due before next
board report).

Objectives for next period

Raise awareness of Speaker and Event support materials



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