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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Clarification in PMC changes
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2011 08:15:28 GMT
Hey all,

With some recent emails, it became clear that we may not be giving
people the right background to PMC nominations/additions. The current
text is here:

There is a fundamental, conceptual change needed in that paragraph.
The short answer is that PMC members are never "elected", and the
Board is not "advised" of that election. The Board is the only entity
that can effect changes in the PMCs of the Foundation.

And with that, we delegated certain changes to the PMC Chairs back in 2002:

The paragraph properly describes the 72-hour process, but it misses on
the concept of oversight of the composition of the PMC. That
composition is reviewed and monitored by the Board.

This is very similar to PMC Chair "elections". I'm not sure there is a
documentation issue there, but it falls in line with the above. PMCs
inform the Board "we'd like $JOHN to be the Chair", and the Board acts
upon that information. Historically, the Board does tend to honor the
PMC's wishes for its Chair, but it *has* refused that request in
certain cases, and placed another in the position.

I'm at the end of the night, and don't have specific suggestions to
improve pmc.html (above). I'm hoping the team here can find the right


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