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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: Stackoverflow
Date Thu, 12 May 2011 20:27:53 GMT
> Like Nick I'm interested in the "unknown community" that exists in SO. I'm
> particularly interested in bringing that community into our own communities.

Do you really think you will adobe the SO community into the ASF community?

I doubt. SO will absorb the ASF user community.

At the point of time when people have the choice to use a fancy web ui
instead of email, they will choose the web ui. More and more users
will move to the UI until there is no activity on the users ML. At one
day incubator podlings will ask for a SO tag instead of a user ml.

Then you have SO absorbed us. Then they are our provider. I don't
think we can get a good level of control except on the API level. And
since everything works well with SO, who would maintain custom API
stuff? There is no need to write any code, it will soon RIP off.

SO as our user provider? Its not open enough for me. Call me an idiot.
I agree email is lost and oldschool. But a company providing us closed
source tools for such an important topic - no, thanks.

The user mailing list has been used to announce several important
messages. Updates, security holes etc. How would you inform your users
on SO? How can you, as a user, make sure you'll get this information?

What is with "community over code"? How can one earn committership? Is
the new criteria to join the number of upvotes in SO? Having one of
these fancy badges? There are thousands of people active on SO - I
doubt I will remember a name from there. In a mailinglist I have
learned already lots of names. A ml is a smaller usergroup. I prefer
that instead of this mass production.

My 2 cents. From the previous discussions I have already seen there
are many people excited about SO. I am not. For sure my user support
will end, when people have started to use SO more than our
mailinglists. I cannot effort another tool for answering questions
except my gmail client, which organizes everything so well. After all
I am not paid for asf support - i will not go and check my tags for
new questions each hour or something.


> One way is to adopt their tools in some way, as you describe. Another is to
> figure out who these people are and point our communities at their good
> work.
> If [2] can help in doing this then I'd be very interested in anything you
> can do with it. It seems, on the surface, to be much easier, legally sound
> and provides a quicker "win".
> Ross
>> Thoughts ?
>>>> The content itself on our tags would need backing up. That way, if
>>>> SO ever went under, we wouldn't loose the content. (Even if we
>>>> couldn't immediately read it...). Can we use the API to do that? Can
>>>> we make it work in a way that infra can easily support?
>>> I think my suggestion above covers this (although it only gives a partial
>>> backup of highest rated answers)
>>>> What about cross polination between the mailing list and SO? Do we
>>>> post the list of questions to the mailing list, or simply require
>>>> that interested people sign up to both? Pros, cons?
>>> Covered by my answer above.
>>>> How about existing committers coming to SO. How can we ensure they
>>>> have enough rep to quickly take part in the tag for their project?
>>>> And what about moderation of the tag, should we push for extra
>>>> access?
>>> I'd want committers to be recognised with an automatic rep making them
>>> stand
>>> out. They've earned their merit here, if SO were an official channel then
>>> that merit should count. If it is an unofficial channel then this is less
>>> of
>>> a problem.
>>> As for moderation - no idea since I don't know how this works at present.
>>> I
>>> have noticed very little bad content on SO so it sounds good.
>>>> Anything else?
>>>> Nick
>> [1] -
>> [2] -


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