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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject Re: Stackoverflow
Date Thu, 12 May 2011 22:54:12 GMT
In my opinion, it's completely wrong-headed to imagine that there's
any barrier to any PMC choosing to open a simple beachhead on SO and
posting a link like
on their web presence.

The arguments here are reasons why a PMC might choose to put more or
less (or no) emphasis on it.

If this here PMC decides to consider something else, it will open a
hailing frequency to SEI and see whether there's any meeting of the
minds about licensing and branding and all that stuff.

The QA format, in my opinion, is a very powerful tool for some kinds
of collaborative assistance, and a completely useless tool for others.
It's much easier to find a question with answers than to find a
mailing list thread. It's on the other hand pretty silly to engage in
any sort of extended interactive assistance on it.

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