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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: Capturing mail (was Re: Stackoverflow)
Date Sat, 14 May 2011 21:48:35 GMT

On May 14, 2011, at 3:20 AM, Ross Gardler wrote:

> Sent from my mobile device (so please excuse typos)
> On 13 May 2011, at 02:31, David Blevins <> wrote:
>> For me tagging and voting and (i forgot) the marking the question answered (thanks,
Benson) are the parts I would love.
>> I write some really good responses sometimes and even *I* have a hard time finding
some of my old responses in the list archive haystack.
> Right. I always ask users to provide a patch if they find an answer in the mailing list
useful. Of course it rarely happens (even with devs). 
> Keeping things simple, could we provide a feature in the CMS that simply copies a mail
from our archives (with backlinks) into the CMS system for the appropriate project?
> A link to this could also be provided in the footer of each mail (only works for committers).

I get it.  I read this a couple times and thought you were talking about being able to view
all mail via the CMS.  You're talking about a simple way to get the chosen few "good content"
emails into the CMS easily.

That could be pretty cool.  

> In the CMS we could have some magic system to build an index. 

Or maybe these emails just go to a "drafts" bucket.  Sort of a "queue" of things that perhaps
need to be cleaned up a little before being added to the documentation at the appropriate

> I appreciate this has now moved away from stack overflow (I changed the subject) but
for any Perl hackers looking for something useful to do on a weekend I would certainly use
such a feature. 

Indeed.  I tend to like things that leverage what I'm already doing and just make it a little
more effective.

I'm not too aware of the CMS internals, but it seems like something like this could get started
in any language as the primary part would be checking it into the related CMS.  At least if
I understand the CMS correctly.

The link I suppose would need the messageId and full list name.  Anyone know how we might
technically do that?  Not sure how extensible ezmlm is in this regard.

> This could grow to fancy tagging, tracking and more. But I believe thus is a reasonably
simple thin to do that would provide immediate benefits. 

Really the CMS itself could benefit from tagging if it doesn't have it already.

I admit I struggle with typical tree views of documentation.  I hate spending time having
to think about "what is the one true parent topic of this doc and how should it fit in the
larger picture".  I'd rather just tag the heck out of pages and let people find them that

The 'click tags to narrow scope' is such a simple and effective way to find things. 


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