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From Rory MacDonald <>
Subject Past the First Post!!
Date Mon, 16 May 2011 10:04:08 GMT

Hi All,

Scary first posting to the list!!

I would like to work with the ASF on improving access to the  
foundation and encouraging participation, that simple really.
You guys do some fantastic work, and think it has massive potential  
for helping a lot of people, who would in turn help drive the ASF - if  
they only new about and understood it.

I have discussed with Ross Gardler and Nick Burch, the idea of  
creating "teaching packs" for various different levels of academia  
and, longer-term, I have a personal interest in helping:

1). People with special educational needs to benefit from meritocracy  
without stigma.
2). Talented individuals (which is everyone in my book) isolated and  
in disenfranchised communities.

I guess, the first stops are the following:

- Does anyone object?
- Does anyone have any ideas or want to help?
- Is there anything in existence which I can build on or should at  
least look at before going ahead?

And probably,

- Is there anything people feel needs sorting first, before we attract  
newcomers to join?



Rory MacDonald
Technology Creative
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M: +44 (0)7899 965 232

Skype: 'technologycreative'

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