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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Stackoverflow
Date Thu, 12 May 2011 22:41:17 GMT
On 12/05/2011 22:46, Christian Grobmeier wrote:
>>> Do you really think you will adobe the SO community into the ASF
>>> community?
>> No, of course not.
>> I'm referring to the few people who are clearly knowledgeable about ASF
>> products. Helping others on SO but are not, for whatever reason, engaging
>> with the ASF projects in question. These people deserve merit in the ASF and
>> right now they are not getting it.
> OK, but how can they earn merit within the ASF? With using the offical
> Apache-SO-tags? Sorry, but can you explain how this might work. I have
> no imagination (this is not polemic, i really would like to know)

Two possibilities (there are probably many more).

We send an email or SO comment and invite them in so they can work 
amongst us and earn merit. Don't assume that they know they can do this, 
in my experience most people do not understand this. See Nicks first 
email as an example, he reports it has worked for him (patches, bug 
reports etc.)

This is my personal preference at this point. The hard part is not 
inviting them in, the hard part is identifying them in the first place.

The second approach would be to provide an SO like service or integrate 
SO in our processes in some way. There are huge technical, legal an 
cultural barriers to this (like your concerns for example). However, 
that does not mean it is impossible. This thread, as I interpret it, is 
exploring this possibility.

>>> SO as our user provider? Its not open enough for me. Call me an idiot.
>>> I agree email is lost and oldschool. But a company providing us closed
>>> source tools for such an important topic - no, thanks.
>> Nobody is suggesting that, at least not in this thread.
> In my understanding it was proposed to "allow" PMCs to use SO as
> official communication channel. Am I wrong?

That's not how I've interpreted things here. I see people asking "what 
if" and "how" questions, but I see no proposals yet. My comment above 
was only intended to reassure you that I don't think we are anywhere 
near having to address a concrete proposal yet.

Perhaps I should have said "Nobody is suggesting that, at least not in 
this thread. If they do I would expect that proposal to address all 
concerns raised in this thread, including yours and those previously 
expressed on members@. "


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