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From Rory MacDonald <>
Subject Re: Past the First Post!!
Date Mon, 16 May 2011 11:48:05 GMT

On 16 May 2011, at 12:08, Ross Gardler wrote:

>> I have discussed with Ross Gardler and Nick Burch, the idea of  
>> creating
>> "teaching packs" for various different levels of academia and,
> My own interest is for these "packs" to be less about "teaching" and  
> more about signposting for potential community members regardless of  
> their background. That being said, I already have some materials  
> created specifically for students that could be reworked (I'm pretty  
> sure the author of these is here on this list although she has not  
> posted yet).

@Ross: The idea of teaching packs (probably Nick's more than yours) is  
to reach out to attract new members.
Something which can be handed out to tutors or teachers to deliver a  
ready made lesson on Open Source and ASF.

Your point addresses my other question: is there anything we need to  
address first.

@All: It sounds like the "welcome document"  
is a good place.

I would suggest this should be a friendly mail which people get (or at  
least ask for) from ezmim - objections?

OK, so as a newcomer to the list, I have no idea what it actually  
addresses, which is the first rather intimidating barrier to posting.
Second up, having been subscribed to 10 days or so, it doesn't really  
make me any the wiser.

- Where is there a description of what this exact list is, Googling  
it, still doesn't give you a concrete description, just hints. So do I  
need to create one, in which case: what is this list, exactly?

Next question: I am already running a project on this list - surely  
that is annoying people who aren't interested?

Following on from this (sorry for anyone not interested), rather than  
just asking for people to give me the standard newbie links, here is  
what I, as a newbie, found in 10mins digging around:

1) Are there any glaring omissions?

2) Are there any points specific to this list (in addition to the  
above generic material) which need to be incorporated?

3) Does anyone have ideas/feelings on what new points should be  
developed for a welcome doc?

NOTE: As a newbie, I am now expecting to be flamed for something that  
I have done wrong in this email.



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