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From Noirin Shirley <>
Subject Inviting local students to the Retreat
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2011 18:11:05 GMT
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are welcome to subscribe.

We're about a month out now, and we're far from hitting capacity on
the Retreat. I'm confident we'll get more signups, but I don't think
we'll fill the hostel.

As I've been watching GSoC mails go whizzing past, it occurred to me
that it might be worthwhile as an outreach event, to invite some local
students to come along.

Say we reserve ten places, I'll get the word out to the local
universities etc, and we invite interested students to apply by
mailing a "personal statement" to [appropriate list]. (I need a better
term for the personal statement - but basically a letter/essay
outlining why they want to come and what they think they'll get out of

We review the personal statements, sort out any chaff, and then either
hand out the places (if there are fewer than ten) or pick by raffle
(more than ten good statements - I don't know how we would fairly
"rank" people on something so subjective).

I'm aiming it at students because I think they're likely to benefit,
hopefully easy to inspire/encourage, and definitely easy to contact
:-) If anyone wants to open it wider, I'm not objecting but also not
volunteering to seek other groups out.

Just a thought :-)


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