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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: low gsoc popularity this year?
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2011 10:41:39 GMT
On 06/04/2011 09:12, Ulrich Stärk wrote:
> I don't know how it has been in the last years, but until now we only have 32 proposals.
There are
> still two days left but I doubt that we will see significantly more. Any ideas what (if
any) might
> be wrong and what we could do?

32 is very low. I've seen a few comments on the GSoC mentors list 
observing applications are down.

One reason, in my opinion, is this new interface for the webapp is a 
joke. It is really hard to find the the opportunities available.

Another reason might be that we are now listed under "The" rather than 
"Apache", the old system used to ignore the "The"

A final reason, as you say, is roughly double the number of orgs, but 
I'd expect that to half the proposals not decimate them.

There is usually a fair number in the last few days, at least it means 
alot less work for the admins ;-)


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