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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Univ. Field Experience
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2011 00:25:03 GMT
On 16/03/2011 20:59, Grant Ingersoll wrote:
> I've been talking with a Prof. at a local university who heads up
> their Field Experience (FE) program and was mentioning that some of
> the projects I work on (most notably Open Relevance Project, Lucene,
> Mahout, OpenNLP) would fit really nicely with what his students are
> learning as part of their degree program.  The FE is a 3 credit
> course that requires 135 hours of work for the semester with a "site"
> (i.e. company, non-profit, etc.)  In many ways, it is akin to the
> GSOC in that it requires a mentor that the student works with.  I'd
> like to throw my hat in as a FE opportunity, but it requires an
> official entity to be the "site".  Thus, the email here.  I'd like
> the ASF to be the entity.  I don't think it requires anything of the
> ASF other than for recording purposes the University needs to know
> who the site is.  I would be the assigned Mentor.
> What do others here think about pursuing this?

We're already doing it in two ways, at least in theory.

Option 1

I'm participating in an EU funded project that is providing open source 
mentoring in formal education courses. "the site" is not the ASF in this 
instance as the students can work with other open source projects. "the 
site" is

However, the site is currently undergoing a redesign for the second 
pilot which is about to change.

The advantages of the OpenSE route is that they provide learning 
assistant who helps with core skills so the mentor can focus on project 
specific stuff. Unfortunately, we only had three students approach the 
ASF on the first pilot and none of them actually delivered a project.

You could point the Prof. at this project. Although you might want to 
ask me privately about the pros and cons of this first.

Option 2

At the ASF we have outlined how we might provide mentoring in formal 
education at

We'd be happy for you to provide the mentoring under these terms (which 
are open to clarification/discussion etc.) In particular I would like to 
draw your attention to the role of the Tutor/Prof. in this:


     * Ensure the mentee is participating in the program
     * Tutor grades the student within their formal education (the 
mentor feedback should assist here)
     * Take full responsibility for the learners moivation and progress
       ** Mentors will guide but will not motivate

In other words the ASF and its committers take no responsibility for the 
success of the student. We'll mentor but nothing more.

> Do I need Board
> approval?  I think as an Officer of the ASF I can do some of this,
> but want to make sure I'm proceeding correctly.

No need to bother the Board. It's in our charter to provide whatever 
support you need. It's nice to have a real test case to flesh out the 
ideas here at the ASF.


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