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From Norman Maurer <>
Subject GSOC 2011 preperations
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2011 06:55:28 GMT
Hi there,

after some very busy weeks I'm back on track to prepare for GSOC 2011.
I talked to Gavin about what todo for projects to "tag" JIRA issues
which are a good fit for GSOC. As we now on JIRA 4 we can use labels
again (as it has label support build in).

Now some questions on the "old mentors":

 * Did you tell the PMCs about GSOC applications before the ASF was
choosen the years before (so they can ready in time ;)) ?
 * Does someone of you have some "old" application stored so I could
have a look how it was filled the years before ?

Ps: I hope its ok that I just "took" the lead for now ;)


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