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From Hyrum K Wright <>
Subject Recognizing non-{code,docs,bits} contributors
Date Thu, 30 Dec 2010 20:41:06 GMT
Quick question for ComDev folks: Over in the Subversion project, we've
had a number of people who have contributed in somewhat intangible
ways.  There are several denizens of the
mailing list who know how to use Subversion far beyond many of the
developers' capabilities, and who are valuable assets to the
Subversion community at large.

What's a good way to reward these individuals?  If somebody were
submitting patches as fast as these folks answer questions, they'd
have commit privileges long ago, and probably be on the PMC by now.
But in this case, the contributions are much more intangible, though
just as important.  How can we reward / recognize these people (thus
encouraging them to continue to participate by having an "ownership"
stake in the project)?


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