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From Kathey Marsden <>
Subject Re: Need guidance to contribute to ASF
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2010 18:11:18 GMT
On 12/15/2010 3:35 AM, siddharth srivastava wrote:
> Hi
> I want to contribute to the ASF Project. Though I went through the Apache
> Mentoring Programme and saw the list of the proposed projects, but I would
> like
> to first take up some small tasks which familiarize me with the Apache Code
> base and other related activities.
> My Skills:
> 1) I am good at C, C++ and Qt 4.6.
> 2) I know Java but haven't done any major development work with it yet but I
> am brushing up my skills with it.
> 3) JSP (Intermediate Level)
> Can anyone mentor me or guide me through this ?
Dear Siddharth,

I think you are very wise to take this approach of focusing first on 
small tasks and process.  I work on the Derby project [1] which is a 
100% java, typically embedded Database.  We have lots of small tasks 
that you can work on and a friendly development community.  If you have 
some experience with JDBC and databases that is ideal but not required. 
There are many things that you can work on that don't require that 
experience if you are interested in learning.

I have been a mentor for quite a few students and others for the Derby 
project and as my last two mentees just became committers am happy to 
mentor someone new, hopefully someone that plans to stay with the 
project long term, but there is good work those passing through can do 
as well. It's just important for us both to understand what your goals, 
time commitments, skill set, etc are to make optimal use of the time.  
Also good to think of how formal you would like the mentoring to be as 
Ross outlined earlier.

Look at the Derby website and if interested 
subscribe to the mailing lists [2] and browse the Jira. for issues 
marked NewComer.issues.  If you would like to discuss,  I am usually 
available on #derby IRC [4].




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