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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Blog posts about Apache Extras
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2010 13:44:45 GMT
I've just posted a couple of blog posts about Apache Extras. One is live 
now, one is due to go live next Monday.

They are small, but useful snippets of information (at least I think 
so). I copy the text here for comment before they get published.


Why Apache Extras?

All Apache projects use the same pragmatic software license, the Apache
License v2. However, we recognise that there are other FOSS licences out
there, some of which are incompatible with the Apache License v2.

Code under these licenses cannot be hosted on Apache servers, but people
sometimes choose to, or are required to, use them.

Until the launch of apache-extras these projects had no a single
home to go to. They were spread across all of the various hosting
platforms. This made it difficult for communities to cluster around
related technologies. For us this was a problem since we believe strong
collaborative communities are the key to successful open source software.

Apache Extras provides these projects with a way to clearly signal their
relationship to one or more Apache project community. This will help
them attract developer communities to their own projects.

Who should use Apache Extras?

Published Monday 20th at 8am GMT

Apache Extras is aimed primarily those who are unable or unwilling to 
licence their code under the Apache License V2, but want to signal their 
relationship to one or more Apache project community.

One example of this is my own Drupal connector for Apache Wookie 
(Incubating). This needs to be GPL licensed due to the Drupal 
dependency, but it contains Apache Licensed code as well. Consequently 
it cannot be hosted at Drupal, nor can it be hosted at the ASF. Now, 
with Apache Extras, it has a home that is associated with at least one 
of those organisations.

A second group of projects that may choose to host on Apache Extras are 
those who wish to manage their projects in a way that is not aligned 
with our own collaborative consensus based processes.

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