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From Nick Burch <>
Subject Moving to website to the new CMS?
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2010 20:25:44 GMT
Hi All

At the moment our main website is edited through confluence, auto-exported 
(when the plugin isn't broken...) before going onto the website. However, 
we don't have an easy way to know when changes happen, edits can only 
occur via confluence, and whenever the auto-export plugin sulks we can't 
edit for a bit...

I'd like to suggest that we instead move to the new Apache CMS:

This would give us a number of things, including:
* Instant publish (no more waiting 2 hours)
* Email notifications of changes
* Website can be edited both via a friendly CMS, as well as in a text
* More options for site layout and formatting for the future

I've asked a few people here at ApacheCon and got a generally positive 
response to the idea of the change. So, assuming no objections are raised, 
I'll go ahead and do the work to switch us over (getting things setup with 
infra, switching the conflence markup to markdown etc). Please shout if 
you don't want this to go ahead by lazy consensus!


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