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From Nick Burch <>
Subject "Ask me about apache" badges at ApacheCon
Date Sat, 16 Oct 2010 10:43:59 GMT
Hi All

One thing that came up in the ApacheCon planners call this week was the 
problems of matching up people at the conference who are interested in 
contributing with people to help explain the process to them.

This would seem to be a good fit for a small spot of comdev mentoring! One 
idea was that we'd get some lanyard badges made up with something like 
"Ask Me About Apache" on them. Apache Members and involved committers 
would be invited to pick up the badge and wear it, and we'd hopefully get 
takeup from all the comdev people there, and some others. Those of us 
wearing the badge are then fair game for people interested in getting 
futher involved in the foundation to ask questions on the process.

Ideally we'd get all interested potential contributors to the barcamp for 
an Apache Way talk, but this'll hopefully cover the others!

What do people think? Is everyone happy with the idea? Can anyone think of 
a better wording for the badge?


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