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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Invitation: Apply to be a Mentoring Organization for GCI
Date Sat, 23 Oct 2010 01:37:50 GMT
On 19/10/2010 12:41, Norman Maurer wrote:
> Ok I was able to have a look at the docs. The only two questions which
> came into mind so far are:
> * How to handle the "tasks"?
> I know we used labels in GSOC before, but the labels are now gone (for
> good reason ;)). So I thought about creating a jira project which we
> call GCI (or something like that) and give the mentors the rights to
> create tasks/issues there. The created tasks/issues should then linked
> back to the related task in the projects bugtracker as sub-task.

This requires people to duplicate effort in creating and tracking 
issues. the labels solution worked as it could be done with a bulk 
update of existing JIRA issues.

The infra team suggested we ask projects to create a new component and 
put appropriate issues into that component as well as the the actual 
component it applies to. I think this makes sense and is easier to 
manage than a separate project in JIRA.

However, remember that some projects don't use JIRA. For those projects 
we asked them to add GSOC details to the Comdev JIRA in the "mentor" 


> * Who volunteer to be the backup admin ?
> We need a backup admin so who want to join the fun ;)
> Thx,
> Norman
> 2010/10/19 Norman Maurer<>:
>> Yeah sure.. Sorry maybe I used the wrong words. Should be "ping one of
>> you on list" ;)
>> Bye,
>> Norman
>> 2010/10/19 Bertrand Delacretaz<>:
>>> On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 5:48 AM, Norman Maurer<>  wrote:
>>>> Thx Bertrand and Ross for your support. I will have a deeper look at
>>>> the docs today, and ping one of you if some question pop up....
>>> FWIW, I'm for keeping as much of that discussion as possible on
>>>, to document what we do as we go, and use the
>>> private list only for things that require
>>> private discussions.
>>> -Bertrand

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