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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: Board process
Date Wed, 07 Jul 2010 05:21:38 GMT
ap-site is CTR :)

My main aim is to edit the main site down a bit and get it more
focused. I've been bouncing along doing that, bar illness and a recent
focus on luring someone into committing on Taglibs.

On Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 1:15 PM, Noirin Shirley <> wrote:
> This started out on ComDev, but I think it possibly belongs more
> properly on Site-Dev.
> I've written up how board meetings work (you can see a version at
> - I'll get it into proper XML
> before I post of course!), at Greg's suggestion.
> I'd like to do a whole series of "How it works" (Hen came up with a
> list at some point - "for Users", "for Developers", "for Lawyers",
> etc, etc - and I have a few other ideas for encouraging
> contributions/"How it works for writers/designers/" etc stuff).

My current aim is to refactor the current How It Works page; it's a
2004 presentation turned into HTML, so a bit dated in places. It's
full of good content but is a lot to digest. I also want to refactor
the /dev/index.html page. I've split the Infra parts off, so now it's
much more of a 'ASF for new Committers'. Mostly I've focused on
refactoring everything else and sneaking up on the How It Works page
while it's not looking :)

I've been struggling with the menu structure to start thinking about
things. Here's what I had as of last pondering:

How it works:
  For Users (rework of current page)
  The Legal bits (my legal draft page)
  Developing at Apache (parts of dev/)
  Being an ASF project (parts of dev/)

I'm not sold on it yet. I definitely don't think "For X", "For Y" is
best in terms of actual labelling, so possibly it's "Using Apache
Software" above.

> To that end, I'd suggest making a foundation/101/ directory, and
> putting this in there, then linking it from the existing "How it
> works" in the left nav. We can work out later if/whether/how to
> restructure the existing content.

+1, no reason to hold content back.

Why 101? As in Room 101 on BBC TV? :)

foundation/how-it-works/ ? :)

> Please let me know if you have any additional edits to the content, or
> you think it belongs somewhere else in the docs :-)

Edits can come later :)

I wonder if this page is part of a larger "How the ASF non-profit
works". We do taxes, we file form 182189291, we have oversight of the
projects etc.


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