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From Nick Burch <>
Subject [DRAFT] The Community Development project needs you to go to the pub!
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2010 14:05:02 GMT
Since we all seem happy with opening the local mentors program up to all 
committers, I'm planning to send this to committers@ shortly. Any feedback 
before I do gratefully received!

Hi All

Some of you may have heard of the Apache Community Development project[1], 
but for those of you who haven't, our aim here is to help newcomers to The 
Apache Software Foundation take their first steps on their way to being a 
part of our community.

As part of this, we've set up a new program - the Local Mentors 
Program[2], which aims to help people new to open source have a quick chat 
with someone more experienced who happens to live near them.

So, why email everyone? Well, that depends on how long you've been 
involved in the ASF...

If you're a new committer:
If you'd like to learn some more about how the ASF works, discover how 
other projects have solved problems you might be having, get tips on 
contributing, or even just see your first friendly face from the ASF, then 
please use the local mentors program to find someone near you! Once you've 
identified someone near you, drop them a quick email, and hopefully meet 
them for a pint / coffee / etc and a chat. You might want to wait a few 
days for more people to sign up though!

If you're an existing committer:
Remembering back to when you first got involved in Apache, you may recall 
it a little daunting, you may have had some fun with timezones or language 
barriers, or just with how to get more involved. With that experience in 
mind, we'd love it if you could take the odd hour to enjoy a drink with 
someone near you who's in a similar situation at the moment!
If you can, please do sign up to be a local mentor. All you need is a
FOAF file[3] containing your location (it's easy to create one if you 
don't have one yet - see [4]). Once you have a location listing FOAF file, 
please list it in the DOAP file[5] in svn, and wait. A day later, you'll 
be listed!

To find out more, please see
To browse for current mentors, see
Any questions/comments? Our mailing list is

(On behalf of the ComDev PMC)


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