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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: What are the basic, invariant rules of Apache projects?
Date Fri, 21 May 2010 11:06:47 GMT
>> Another question would be to define what is the purpose of the project: Should
>> the reader take some kind of specific action (e.g. restructure the project he is
>> working on), should frequent questions concerning how software is developed at
>> Apache be answered (than the post should maybe not be just a blog post but
>> somehow integrated in the official documentation?)....
> My goal is mostly for volunteer Apache community members to discuss
> and agree on the list of "rules", and publish the results. No hidden
> agenda, just trying to start clarifying what we mean by "the Apache
> Way".
> To me the big advantage of a blog post is that it can safely rot - it
> only reflects the understanding of its authors as of today, as opposed
> to official documentation which is supposed to be the Final Truth (and

there are already several documents around which should describe the apache way:

A blog post would of course increase the visibility of this topic, but
having offical documentation and blog posts which are possibly
conflicting each other might not be a good idea. So, I would think
that there needs to be something offical.

Additionally, a blog post reflects the understanding of the authors as
you said. I think it would be good to have different authors on this
post or even have several posts to different topics or views, which
are basically expressing the same.

That being said, an official documentation is good in my opinion. If
this documentation points people to blog posts which describe what it
means in practice, I think this would be enjoyable.


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