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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Reviewing the evaluation process
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2010 14:24:12 GMT
I'd like to make a few comments about issues that have arisen during the 
evaluation process for GSoC. I'm going to give my opinion on each, 
please treat this as lazy consensus - do speak up if you wish to 
disagree or add more items:

Not enough visibility of the process

There will always be someone who doesn't read the stuff we send out. 
Where this is the case I don't think we should worry ourselves.

Sending to PMCs (including the incubator PMC) is sufficient to reach 
people. We don't want to send out to committers@ as the project as a 
whole needs to be behind taking on a GSoC student.

Reaching PPMCs is more problematic, I think we should continue to rely 
on incubator mentors taking the message to their projects if they feel 
it is appropriate.

Make it explicit that incubator mentors should pass the message on to 
PPMCs if appropriate.

Marking experience mentors up

I really don't like the idea up to 2 points for having been a successful 
mentor before, firstly it is error prone (e.g. both Bertrand and Luciano 
have been mentors *and* admins, yet the admin this year was unaware of 
that). Secondly, just because someone has mentored a student in the past 
doesn't mean they will be better than another mentor. Finally, mentoring 
a failing student is, in many ways, more educational than mentoring a 
successful one.

We already have "Does the mentor show an understanding of how to mentor 
a student? (0-4 points)" - I'm more interested in whether the mentor 
knows what is expected. However, applying this score is difficult.

Remove "Has the mentor had a successful student in the past (0-2 
points)" from the admin rankings

Add some docs to the ranking process about what admins are looking for 
with respect to "oes the mentor show an understanding of how to mentor a 
student? (0-4 points)" (Noirins mail with the subject Admin coordination 
to alexei.fedotov on code-awards wouild be a good starting point)

Original Ideas are good

Past experience has shown that if a student proposes their own idea and 
it is accepted the student is going to be strong.


Add the following to the mentor ranking:

Is the project definition and idea originally the mentee's, the
mentor's or a collaborative effort? (0-2 points, 2 if mentee's idea, 1
if collaborative, 0 if mentor's)

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