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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Apache projects :
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2010 09:36:09 GMT
On 20/04/2010 07:51, saikiran. gorthi wrote:
> Hi,
>       I want to work for apache open-source development . I'd like to join
> your group . I'll plan this with my academic schedule.How to join your group
> ?

See which explains how to join this list 
under "first contributions".

See for details of 
our mentoring program and how to get involved.

You should also see for some 
helpful answers to common questions (we're pretty new so not all 
questions are answered there, we'd be happy to answer more here - but 
remember you need to give back to - turning any useful guidance you get 
from us into docs would be a great first contribution.

> About Projects :
>                           - Are there any projects on machine translation
> ,dialog system or video streaming ?

I'm not aware of any projects in machine translation, but I'm not fully 
aware of all our projects.

I'm not sure what you mean by "dialog system".

There is an incubating project in the Incubator called BlueSky which has 
video streaming elements. However, this is a pretty hard project for you 
to start out on as it is incubating and is currently the domain of a 
Chinese university. If you are interested we can certainly talk to the 
incubation mentors to see if there would be sufficient support for you 
as a mentee).

Someone on this list may know more but the best thing to do is look 
through the projects that exist within the ASF and its incubator.

What you really need to do is become familiar with the ASF projects that 
hold some interest for you. Be a little creative in your evaluation of 
projects. For example, you mention video streaming - why not search for 
mentions of video streaming on our mailing lists.

>                           - Any suggestions for projects(on new technologies
> or under-developed Ideas) ?

There are hundreds of projects here, all offering opportunities for 
people to get started on.

We're currently finalising the Google Summer of Code applications, once 
that is done we will be formally launching our mentoring programme so 
we'll be able to point to a list of projects actively seeking people 
like you.

> Contact :
>                          - Can I know your IRC channel on freenode ?

We (the community development project) don't use IRC. Some ASF projects 
do, but in the main we are too geographically distributed for IRC to 
make a great deal of sense.

This list is your point of contact for getting started, project lists 
are the place to find people to help you in specific activities.

My recommendation to you is to get familiar with the projects we have 
and decide which one you would like to work on then come back to us and 
we'll help you take the first step.


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