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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject London graduate events
Date Mon, 19 Apr 2010 20:21:47 GMT
On Saturday I was at an event run by the Graduate Developer Community in 
London. I'm dropping this here so that concom/comdev are aware of some 
of the activities that are taking place.

The event was designed to introduce graduates to open source and was 
hosted at IBMs offices (nice place for a BarCamp).

There were about 40 students and 7 or 8 projects (5 ASF projects and 3 
non-asf). From what I could tell most ASF projects were represented by 
IBM staffers (Tomcat and Wookie being the exception).

There was a quick intro to open source in the morning, followed by a 
three minute intro from each project. After this the students provided 
three prioritised choices of projects they wanted to work on and were 
allocated to a mentor from one of their project selections.

The rest of the morning was spent getting the students PCs setup with 
the appropriate code.

Lunch was provided.

After lunch each mentor helped their students find a bug they could work 
on, or helped them find som documentation to improve or something 
similar. The goal was that by the end of the day all students would have 
submitted a patch.

As you might expect this was not fully successful. Students are often 
less able than we would hope and some needed lots of hand holding. 
Nevertheless, over the course of the day 15 patches were submitted to 
the projects. I'm not too sure what kinds of patches the other projects 
had but for my project (Wookie) we had some Javadocs and a bug fix to 
some C# code. In other words reasonably simple but everything counts.

As a mentoring exercise it was pretty successful. It remains to be seen 
if any of these students continue to contribute to open source projects. 
What is certain is that the students seemed to get a great deal from the 


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