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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject New Admin ranking feature in GSoC webapp
Date Sun, 11 Apr 2010 07:31:27 GMT
I just discovered a new feature in the Google Webapp this year:

--- From GSoC Manual ---

Organization Admins Only - Assigning an Application a Rank
An organization administrator also has the ability to manipulate the 
rank of a particular proposal to ensure that it is accepted, regardless 
of a previous score or ranking. In other words, an organization may 
receive 2 slots and decide it was to accept application "Foo" and 
application "Bar." The organization administrator may visit the 
applications for "Foo" and "Bar" and manually assign them a rank of "1" 
and "2", meaning these two applications will then be the topped 2 ranked 
applications. The top N ranked applications, where N is the number of 
student slots Google allocates to each organization, will be those that 
are accepted into the program.

This feature is meant to make it easier for organizations to make the 
final choice about which proposals will be accepted after duplicate 
accepted students are resolved, etc.



This may be useful in the final stages of re-evaluation to break 
deadlocks, but I'm not sure how to use it (see

In past years we have had to make multiple edits to add/remove 
sufficient scores to get the right ordering around the cluster point. 
Eachyear I've asked for admins to have the ability to add/remove more 
than 4 points at a time. I guess this is instead of that feaure. 
Unfortunately I don't think it will work for our process where we have 
anywhere between 20 and 50 slots to fill.

Should we change the deadlock process or stick with what we have used in 
previous years?


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