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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [GSoC] projects
Date Thu, 25 Mar 2010 08:17:01 GMT
[CC to code-awards which as this would be of interest to other mentors 
as well - not all are on dev@community]

On 25/03/2010 04:29, Matthias Wessendorf wrote:
> Hi,
> for the MyFaces project we created this JIRA issue:
> (yes, labeled with "gsoc" and "mentor")
> I assigned it to myself to indicate I am the mentor. We
> have a student for that. I briefly mentioned that in the
> actual issue. More: I added a link to a wiki page, which
> contains some (better) outline of the idea.
> I think my question is do we need to add more info here?
> E.g. about the student?

you cannot pre-select your students. All students must have an equal 
opportunity to come up with a proposal for your task.

Students make their applications through the Google GSoC webapp, where 
they are expected to provide a full project description and details of 
the proposed solution. The mentors and admins will rate all applications 
based on the quality of the proposal when compared to other students.

As it says on the GSoC page [1] "In order to apply we ask that you 
create a list of deliverables, quantifiable results for the Apache 
community, a detailed description / design document, an approach, an 
approximate schedule and something of a background text. We also need 
you to let us know what other commitments you have for the period of 
GSoC, for example, do you have any exams or a part time job? In other 
words - sell yourselves, as if this was an actual job."

We add significant weight to students who have already interacted with 
the community.

If your proposed student is already working out a solution with your 
community they can record this in the JIRA ticket and then point to it 
in the GSoC applications.

It is important that this kind of activity is at least pointed to in the 
GSoC webapp so that admins know it exists.

> If not, I think we are all set for this ticket, right ?

In summary, the ticket should not be overly detailed with respect to the 
mentors/communities input. The student should be doing the majority of 
the work.

The student proposal needs to be detailed. This can be in the issue 
tracker or the GSoC application.

As an admin I would prefer to see project detail in the issue tracker 
since that is where the comunity have easy access to it and can provide 
clearer feedback. GSoC specific stuff, such as exam commitments, should 
be in the GSoC application.

Note, this means that multiple students may be contributing to the ideas 
in a proposed solution. To some this seems like an opportunity to 
"steal" other peoples ideas. For me that's just the way it goes in an 
open source community - nobody owns an idea. Unfortunately, the 
competition for GSoC cash distorts this somewhat.



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