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From Kathey Marsden <>
Subject Re: So why exactly is Community Development the default Jira project?
Date Sun, 07 Mar 2010 00:09:43 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
>> I had same question sent to infra before :)
>> It seems the default is the one you have used/searched/ before... so
>> it changes depending on what you have been doing...
> I think what is happening is that because since, for come reason, 
> Community Development comes first in the list of projects it has reset 
> peoples default when it was created. People are just used to the 
> default being their favourite project and don't look when filing new 
> issues.
> If this is correct then, over time, the problem will go away.
I tried as an experiment doing a search on another project and then did 
indeed find that when I created a new issue immediately afterward the 
default was that project, but there seems to be a little more going on.  
Still in the alphabetical list if I hit the drop down menu Community 
Development bubbled up to the top instead of showing up under C..., so I 
think if the user has not done any recent queries then it will still 
default to Community Development because of the alpha order.


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