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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Co-Chair for business and community track at ApacheCon Us
Date Thu, 04 Mar 2010 16:15:08 GMT
Sally has asked me if I or anyone from ComDev would be able to co-chair 
the business/community track at ApacheCon this year.

There is not going to be a CFP for the technology tracks, however, Sally 
feels (and I agree) that our non-technology tracks should encourage 
people outside the ASF to participate.

In the past Sally has done this track alone and is willing to do so 
again. However, she wants to widen participation if possible. That means 
more help and she is turning to the Community Development PMC for that help.

Under normal circumstances I would say yes. I think this is an important 
activity for us to support.

However, personal circumstances right now make it very difficult for me 
to commit time.

Is there anyone else interested in assisting with managing a CFP?

If not I'll probably step up and provide whatever help I can, but I'd 
prefer someone with a little more time available if possible.


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