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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Draft board report for comment
Date Fri, 12 Feb 2010 11:11:38 GMT
The community development project aims to help newcomers to The Apache 
Software Foundation take their first steps on their way to being a part 
of our community.

There are no specific issues requiring board attention at this time.

Main items to report:

- addition of Isabel Drost, Nick Birch, Noel J. Bergman and Kathey 
Marsden to the Community Development PMC

- documentation of proposed mentoring programme [1]

- commencement of our first mentored participant [2]

- two press interviews in response to word of mouth discovery of the project

- GSoC has been officially announced and will be run this year with 
Noirin Shirley as admin, Ross Gardler and Luciano Resende as co-admins

- creation of a "people near you" webapp populated with people available 
for presenting or meeting those interested in the ASF - this is not yet 
public as we are awaiting the creation of a zone on which to host it

Main items for next period:

- Move documentation of GSoC from to

- Launch of the "people near you" webapp

- Launch of the ASF GSoC engagement

- Preparation for the official launch of the ASF mentoring programme 
(which will occur after GSoC has commenced)


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